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About J. Michell & Company

Financially Strengthening Individuals and Their Communities

J. Michell & Company has devoted our expertise in finance to addressing economic disparities in disadvantaged populations in larger discussions about financial stability. J. Michell & Company continues to create possibilities for communities to grow wealth and break the cycle of economic suffering by providing solutions for people and businesses to achieve long-term financial security.

We offer financial services to help people close the wealth gap. We also support local communities through charity contributions, volunteerism, collaborations with local and national NGOs, and economic programs that regenerate areas and expand opportunities for individuals around the country.
Our Mission

Maintaining Your Value

By our standard, creating value means taking a direct role in changing the direction of community wealth and the following financial practices geared toward growth for our clients. J. Michell & Company takes a leading position in establishing avenues for our clients to move confidently into their future, whether it is offering counsel to face new difficulties or partnering with small business owners to promote expansion.

Creating Stability For You and Your Business

Getting the best financial and company development advice and solutions can help you improve your organization's future. At J. Michell & Company, our strategic business finance experience can help position you for growth now and long into the future. We arere here to help you understand where you are today and take the proper steps toward a more successful future, from small business financial advising services to corporate finance consulting.

We provide strategic business coaching to assist you in developing a solid strategy plan to help your business prosper. We will assist you with identifying the gaps in your current business plan and supporting it with realistic, thoroughly researched, and quantifiable criteria for evaluating results.
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