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Startup Services

Startup Services

Helping New Businesses Gain Traction And Stability

As the leader of an emerging business, progress is your foremost concern. Taking your company from startup to growth is a significant transition. With our full support, you can address any early warning signs and establish healthy growth as you get ready for the next stage with the aid of our financial staff. We also oversee and help develop a starting budget while regulating expenses and income so you can concentrate on providing for your customers and cultivating relationships. Your startup needs early financial counsel to acquire traction, whether you require full financial management or simple consulting.

Startup Services

When starting a new business, important, immediate decisions include the proper legal structure (partnership, sole proprietor, LLC, Corporation, etc), methods of profit management, your start-up budgets, staffing, and leasing, among other things. The most useful time to seek advisement and support is before starting. We work with you directly to identify the most critical first and next steps and help them get executed.

Addressing Challenges

As an investor and entrepreneur, the process of starting a business can be paralyzing, causing inertia and impeding forward progress. Business startup consulting services assist with the initial stages of a business. We provide specialized knowledge that combines diverse entrepreneurial experience, real-world business perspective, and practical solutions.

Building Lasting Business Partnerships

This is only the beginning of the partnership we will build as we work to make your business better. J. Michell & Company gives you the chance to change the way your business operates and observe the effects it has on your revenue and profitability. With years of experience, our business and management consultants offer leadership and transformational insights. We collaborate with you to provide meaningful, useful advice and guidance.
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