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Retirement Income

Retirement Income

Preparing Business Owners And Their Employees For the Future

At J. Michell & Company, we provide tax-advantaged small company retirement plans that give independent contractors, business owners, and sole proprietors and their employees alternatives to save for retirement. We may also help you pick a plan that meets your company needs and retirement objectives thanks to flexible funding, tax-deductible contributions, a large selection of investment options, and higher contribution opportunities than a standard IRA.

Retirement Income Services

Whether you've been saving on your own or with the assistance of a financial advisor, retirement offers a whole new set of concerns and considerations—and it's critical to get the correct answers so you can have the retirement you desire. It is never too soon or too late to begin planning. We'll assist you in developing a strategy based on how far you are from retirement. We'll look at how much you've saved, how much you'll need, and work with you to create a long-term income strategy for cash flow.

Streamlining the Process

Having a flexible retirement plan can help you achieve your goals, whether you're saving or already retired. Small but consistent improvements to your present financial strategy and status may be all that is required to get things moving.

J. Michell & Company Resources

A J. Michell & Company adviser will create a strategy based on your specific goals and financial circumstances, and then guide and coach you as needed, giving you confidence that you're doing everything possible to achieve your objectives. And because the consultant takes the time to get to know you and your goals, you can be confident that every choice will be made in your best interests.

Planning for the Future

Wealth building is a process that demands a forward-thinking mindset in order to help you navigate your unique financial circumstances. Regardless of a person's cultural or financial background, our devoted team can provide financial planning to our clients’ businesses as well as their families. Knowing that you are moving toward both your immediate and long-term goals is essential for peace of mind.
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